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For shipping to USA, Canada and Mexico only. Please send inquiries to for the rest of Americas.
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USB to RS232 adapters (HIGH SPEED)

SKU USB2-H-1001-M

Our Hi-Speed USB to RS232 adapters make it quick and simple to connect RS232 devices to a USB port on your computer. These adapters use Hi-Speed USB for reduced latency and improved throughput. RS232 is widely used in a range of legacy and new equipment, but most computers don’t have physical RS232 ports nowadays. With a variety of port numbers and enclosure styles and easy to install drivers for a range of operating systems, these adapters are ideal for adding one or more RS232 ports to your computer.

  • Based on the renowned FTDI Hi-Speed USB-Serial chipsets and drivers
  • Compact and robust design in a variety of metal and plastic enclosure styles
  • Microsoft Windows® WHQL-certified, macOS, Linux and Windows CE device drivers
  • Each RS232 port can appear as a Virtual Com Port allowing easy use with existing application programs
  • Multi-port units create a separate COM port for each RS232 port with separate settings (such as baud rate and flow control) per port
  • Ports can also be accessed using the FTDI D2xx DLL functions
  • RS232 via DB-9 Male connector (and terminal block on 1- and 2-port metal models)
  • Automatic Hardware (RTS / CTS) and software (X-on/X-off) flow control
  • Transmit and Receive LED indicators help to confirm operation and assist in troubleshooting
  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32-port versions
  • 1, 2 and 4-port models powered from the USB port (no external power needed)
  • Optional 5V power out on some models
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (compatible with all USB ports including USB3)
  • Wall mount brackets included (1, 2, 4, 8 port versions)
  • -40°C to +85°C extended operating temperature range
  • The product comes complete with free downloadable drivers for Microsoft and MAC OS platforms.
  • Linux kernel 2.4.20 or greater includes USB drivers for this product downloadable for free.
  • CE/FCC approved
  • Industrial options available

Feel free to browse through the corresponding datasheet for more information.

Part Number  Document Type Version File
Datasheet 1.3 Download
USB2-H-1002 Datasheet 1.3 Download
USB2-H-1002 Quick Start Guide 1.1 Download
USB2-H-1004 Datasheet 1.4 Download
USB2-H-1004 Quick Start Guide  1.1 Download
ES-U-1032-RM (EOL) Manual 2.2 Download
ES-U-1032-RM EOL Notifications Download
All Products Drivers Installation Guide 1.1 Download

Download Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

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USB2-H-1001-M 1 Metal USB-B 
USB2-H-1002 2 ABS USB-mini B
USB2-H-1002-M 2 Metal USB-B 
USB2-H-1004 4 ABS USB-mini B
USB2-H-1004-M 4 Metal USB-B 
USB2-H-1008-M 8 Metal USB-B 
USB2-H-1016-M 16 Metal USB-B 
ES-U-1032-RM (EOL) 32 Metal USB-B