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CANbus Module


The CAN-DP is a Serial to CANbus module which operates at up to 1Mbps on both Serial and CANbus interfaces. The integrated electronics include a microcontroller with an ECAN controller and a CANBus transceiver. Communications are accomplished with ASCII commands to the CAN controller. 

 The command set is identical to the EasySYNC S1-A-7001, allowing current designs using that unit to be migrated onto a board-level solution without changing the software. The CAN-DP requires a power supply with an input voltage range of +6VDC to +15VDC

 The module has a DIP (Dual In-line Package) format, allowing it to be used in a standard 28-pin 0.6” IC socket as part of an OEM design as well as in prototyping boards for initial development.

 The CAN-DP can be interfaced to either RS232 or Logic levels on it’s UART interface. There are two separate sets of serial interface pins on the DIP headers for this purpose.


  • Adds one CANbus port to a computer or embedded system by connecting to a serial port (either RS232 or 5V logic level)
  • Can be used with any system which supports RS232 COM ports or logic level UART ports on microcontroller systems
  • Wide power supply input voltage range of +6VDC to +15VDC
  • CANbus speed up to 1Mbps
  • CAN lines, LED outputs and Serial connections available on DIP headers
  • LEDs indicate Initialization and CANbus status for monitoring port status & easy diagnostics
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C


Part Number Document Type Version File
CAN-DP Serial to CAN bus DIP Module Datasheet 1.1 Download
CAN-DP Quick Start Guide  1.1 Download
CAN Plus Custom CAN Data Rates Application Note   1.1 Download
CAN Plus Message Filtering Application Note  1.1 Download
USB-to-CAN and RS232-to-CAN Technical Note 1.1 Download
Software Type Version File
Firmware 2.2 Download
Firmware Load Utility - Bootloader 1.2 Download
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